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Pad a 3D mesh

This notebook shows how to pad a 3D mesh. Note that padding a 3D mesh is done on the contour (before tetrahedralization).

from nanomesh import Image
from import binary_blobs3d

Generate some data

This cell generates a 3D data set with some feature blobs.

If you want to use your own data, any numpy array can be passed to into a `Image <>`__ object. Data stored as .npy can be loaded using Image.load().

data = binary_blobs3d(seed=2020)

vol = Image(data)
<nanomesh.image._utils.SliceViewer at 0x263f0f987c0>

Generating the contour

from nanomesh import Mesher

mesher = Mesher(vol)
mesher.plot_contour(jupyter_backend='static', show_edges=True)

Padding different sides

The mesh can be padded using a similar API as 2d meshes. Each side (top/bottom, left/right, front/back) can be padded. A width must be specified.

Regions are labeled with a number. If no label is given, an arbitrary number is assigned. This is used to identify different regions in the mesh.

Note that tetgen will assign a different label for physically separate regions, even when they are given the same label/name.

mesher.pad_contour(side='left', width=5, name='inner pad')
mesher.pad_contour(side='left', width=10, name='outer pad')
mesher.pad_contour(side='right', width=5, name='inner pad')
mesher.pad_contour(side='right', width=10, name='outer pad')

mesher.pad_contour(side='front', width=8, name='front pad')
mesher.pad_contour(side='back', width=8, name='back pad')
mesher.plot_contour(jupyter_backend='static', show_edges=True)

Generate tetrahedral mesh

Finally, generate the tetrahedral mesh. Notice that the inner and outer pads have the same label, because we assigned the same name in Mesher.pad_contour().

tetras = mesher.tetrahedralize(opts='-pAq -a10000')
tetras.plot_pyvista(jupyter_backend='static', show_edges=True)

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