Source code for nanomesh.mesh._triangle

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import pyvista as pv
import scipy

from .._doc import doc
from .._tetgen_wrapper import tetrahedralize
from ._mesh import Mesh
from ._mixin import PruneZ0Mixin

    import open3d

    from nanomesh import MeshContainer

[docs]@doc(Mesh, prefix='Data class for triangle meshes', dim_points='2 or 3', dim_cells='3') class TriangleMesh(Mesh, PruneZ0Mixin, cell_dim=3): cell_type = 'triangle'
[docs] def plot(self, **kwargs): """Shortcut for :meth:`TriangleMesh.plot_mpl` or :meth:`TriangleMesh.plot_itk` depending on dimensions.""" if self.dimensions == 2: return self.plot_mpl(**kwargs) else: return self.plot_itk(**kwargs)
[docs] def plot_mpl(self, *args, **kwargs) -> plt.Axes: """Simple triangle mesh plot using :mod::mod:`matplotlib`. See :func:`plotting.trianglemeshplot` for details. Parameters ---------- *args Arguments passed to :func:`plotting.trianglemeshplot` **kwargs Keyword arguments passed to :func:`plotting.trianglemeshplot` Returns ------- plt.Axes """ from ..plotting import trianglemeshplot return trianglemeshplot(self, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def to_trimesh(self): """Return instance of :class:`trimesh.Trimesh`.""" import trimesh return trimesh.Trimesh(vertices=self.points, faces=self.cells)
[docs] def to_open3d(self) -> 'open3d.geometry.TriangleMesh': """Return instance of :class:`open3d.geometry.TriangleMesh`.""" import open3d return open3d.geometry.TriangleMesh( vertices=open3d.utility.Vector3dVector(self.points), triangles=open3d.utility.Vector3iVector(self.cells))
[docs] def to_polydata(self) -> 'pv.PolyData': """Return instance of :class:`pyvista.Polydata`.""" points = self.points cells = self.cells # preprend 3 to indicate number of points per cell stacked_cells = np.hstack(np.insert(cells, 0, values=3, axis=1)) # type: ignore return pv.PolyData(points, stacked_cells, n_faces=len(cells))
[docs] @classmethod def from_open3d(cls, mesh: 'open3d.geometry.TriangleMesh') -> TriangleMesh: """Return instance of :class:`TriangleMesh` from open3d.""" points = np.asarray(mesh.vertices) cells = np.asarray(mesh.triangles) return cls(points=points, cells=cells)
[docs] @classmethod def from_scipy(cls, mesh: 'scipy.spatial.qhull.Delaunay') -> TriangleMesh: """Return instance of :class:`TriangleMesh` from :class:`scipy.spatial.Delaunay` object.""" points = mesh.points cells = mesh.simplices return cls(points=points, cells=cells)
[docs] @classmethod def from_trimesh(cls, mesh) -> TriangleMesh: """Return instance of :class:`TriangleMesh` from :mod:`trimesh`.""" return cls(points=mesh.vertices, cells=mesh.faces)
[docs] @classmethod def from_triangle_dict(cls, dct: dict) -> TriangleMesh: """Return instance of :class:`TriangleMesh` from triangle results dict.""" from .mesh_container import MeshContainer mesh = MeshContainer.from_triangle_dict(dct) return mesh.get('triangle')
[docs] def optimize(self, *, method='CVT (block-diagonal)', tol: float = 1.0e-3, max_num_steps: int = 10, **kwargs) -> TriangleMesh: """Optimize mesh using :mod:`optimesh`. Parameters ---------- method : str, optional Method name tol : float, optional Tolerance max_num_steps : int, optional Maximum number of optimization steps. **kwargs Arguments to pass to :func:`optimesh.optimize_points_cells` Returns ------- TriangleMesh """ import optimesh points, cells = optimesh.optimize_points_cells( X=self.points, cells=self.cells, method=method, tol=tol, max_num_steps=max_num_steps, **kwargs, ) return TriangleMesh(points=points, cells=cells)
[docs] @doc(tetrahedralize, prefix='Tetrahedralize mesh using :func:`tetrahedralize`') def tetrahedralize(self, **kwargs) -> 'MeshContainer': mesh = tetrahedralize(self, **kwargs) return mesh